What is RaaS?

In the technology industry, the subscription-based “as a service” model is transforming the way many companies and service providers do business. More recently, this model has been applied to recruitment (mostly in the US) with great success. Why? Because this approach allows companies to more accurately forecast their recruitment budget and a guaranteed number of placements for this spend. This leaves the final interview decisions with HR and hiring managers, while utilising the professional services provided by experienced recruiters.

Big Fish: #1 in RaaS

Since its establishment in 2005, Big Fish Global Consulting Group has set a new standard in recruitment through its innovative approach to search and selection. Big Fish’s Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) offering has proven very popular with both existing and new clients. Under a RaaS model, companies pay twelve equal monthly payments and receive an agreed number of permanent placements per year. This approach helps take fee stress out of the recruitment process, so you can better manage your recruitment budget and pipeline of talent.

3 reasons to go with Big Fish RaaS


Better talent bang for your recruitment buck

RaaS is a disruptive model designed to be a cost-effective alternative to recruitment. With RaaS you can forecast recruitment costs accurately and stick to your budget. With our RaaS service there are no hidden fees, and you will save money on one-off permanent placements. Industry research indicates that clients can save up to 36 per cent on recruitment fees by adopting the RaaS approach.


Tap into professional recruiting expertise

Finding top talent isn’t as simple as placing an ad on a job board. You may be capable, but are you an expert? This is what we do, and we’re experts. We have extended networks and we’re headhunting specialists. Partnering with specialists will save you time and money both short and long-term. Working as an extended part of your HR team, our dedicated consultants will actively work with your leadership team to recruit and retain the best talent available.


We take a long-term partnership model

With our approach to recruitment, we proactively partner with clients to ensure that candidates not only meet the requirements for each role, but will fit the culture of your business to ensure long-term retention. Our RaaS service caters to your planned (and unplanned) staffing needs and enables a true partnership approach in talent acquisition.


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